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"Learn Chinese quickly and more effectively than with other learning methods – in only about 17 minutes per day"


Learn Chinese
This course is different than other courses:
  • Learn a new language with just 17 minutes of study per day.
  • In a matter of only three months you will have learned a wide-ranging and useful number of words.
  • After just three months you will have gained a broad understanding of the language.
    You will be able to build sentences and speak Chinese.
  • With this beginner's course you will have reached the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • You learn quickly and efficiently.
    The program provides you with new and practical exercises every day.
  • This course does not have to be installed.
    It is very user friendly and simple to use.
  • This course offers a number of different learning methods, giving you the opportunity to choose what works best for you.
    Fun and easy with manageable and attainable goals, the way learning a new language should be.
Unique learning methods from 17 Minute Languages:

With 17 Minute Languages' unique long term memory learning methods, you can learn Chinese in no time flat.
You will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to hold a fluent conversation. 
The daily exercises in this program are designed to motivate:
You have access to a diverse selection of exercises every day. 
You won't be left helpless: 
Visit the 17 Minute Languages learning community for friendly support.
You will find an excellent forum related to your language course:
You can receive from and offer support to other learners and perhaps make new friends while your at it.
The Chinese Beginner's Course comprises:

  • At the end of the Chinese Beginner's Course, you will have abasic vocabulary of over 1300 words.
  • You learn how to use these words in complete sentences with the help of the many dialogs, texts and phrases designed for this purpose.
  • All of the vocabulary and texts have been recorded by a Chinese native speaker.
    From the very beginning, you learn clear, accent free speech pronunciation with the correct emphasis.

Learning with the modern and intuitive software from 17 Minute Languages:

  • Newest Version:
    The Chinese Beginner's Course was completely updated in 2014.
  • Number of Learners:
    Already over 540,000 languages courses sold.
  • Universal Software:
    For Windows / Linux / Mac OS X /iPad / Android Tablets / Windows Tablets. 
    You will learn online, so you don't need to install anything.



You will have these benefits after having learnt with the beginner's and intermediate course:

Building your carrier!
  • You will increase your professional opportunities now that you can speak Chinese fluently and confidently.
  • You now have the skills to work in China whenever you wish.
You meet new people!
  • Every new language opens a door to a new world for you.
    You will meet many new and interesting people!
    Who knows: maybe the love of your life speaks Chinese?
  • Are you in a bilingual relationship?
    Your partner will be proud of you, if you improve your Chinese!
Every trip will become an unforgettable experience!
  • Broaden your horizons as you travel to China.
    If you can speak Chinese, your trip will become an unforgettable experience:
    You will get to know more intensely and better understand the country and its people.
  • When you can speak Chinese, you will be able to easily find your way in China.
    You will be able to ask for information or ask the locals for help.
Make more of your free time!
  • You will be able to watch movies in Chinese!
  • What a joy it is to be able to read a book in Chinese!
You stay in great mental shape!
  • Scientific studies have shown:
    A educational background increases quality of life and life expectancy.
  • Train your brain!
    Studies have shown that learning languages helps stave off dementia and Alzheimer's.


The unique learning methods of the Chinese Language Course:


The heart of this Chinese course is it's long-term memory learning method and daily exercises
The daily exercises ensure that you learn your new language for 17 minutes every day.
Exactly 17 minutes of learning material is provided by the daily exercises, hence the aptly chosen title of our courses. 
In 17-Minute-Languages' insider community you have the opportunity to interact with many other highly motivated learners.
You get great tips and make new connections. 


Daily exercises for learning Chinese:

There are various daily exercises integrated into this language course.
You get the following exercises every day:

  • Vocabulary: 
    You learn new words and repeat the old ones with the long-term memory method as described above. 
    Texts and phrases: 
    The program presents you with plenty of text and phrases every day.
    You have to complete various exercise related to the texts:
    You have to read the texts.
    You have to complete fill-in-the-blanks, whether they be whole words or single missing letters.
    On other days you will get a text to read with appropriate questions designed to improve comprehension. 
    You get new and exciting exercise related to the texts every day.
    With these concrete examples, you learn Chinese quickly and thoroughly


Earn yourself points daily: 
For every daily exercise you are awarded points.
When ever you have collected enough points, you reach the next level of the program.
In this way, you can see how quickly you've increased your knowledge! 



Diverse Learning:

We have built many gizmos into the program so that learning remains fun and exciting. 

Repeat the words until you know all the vocabulary: 
In all of the tests, you have to type in the right words so often that you will be able to do the correct translation instantly.
Simple words stop appearing in the daily program after 2 or 3 repetitions.
More difficult word may be repeated 5 or 6 times.
Especially difficult words, which you often don't know, are asked even more often.
Most importantly we don't want you to have forgotten these words by the very next day! 


Seven words at a time: 
After learning seven new words, the software will show you a table with a summary.
Learning seven words at a time is especially effective.
Now you can repeat these words again at a glance. 


Points, learning time and number of repetitions: 
You can already see how long you spend with one lesson unit.
By the way, you won't be able to cheat:
The program will actually only show the amount of time you worked.
If you would like to take, say a one hour brake, the clock stops ticking until you're ready to work again 
Every word allows you to see how often you have already repeated it today.
Words that you knew immediately will no longer appear in tests for this day.
Word that you are still having trouble with will continue to appear again and again. 
For every word you knew, you get points.
In this way, you can compare a day's learning with each other. You also see, for example, at which time of the day you learn vocabulary the quickest. 

A break after every 30 minutes: 
Studies have shown that after a half an hour of learning concentration decreases rapidly.
For this reason, your language course will remind you every 30 minutes that you should take a brake.
Stand up, go for a walk, drink a glass of water.
Afterwards, reinvigorated, you are ready for the next half an hour!
(You can, of course, ignore the reminder and immediately continue learning.) 

A wide variety of pictures: 
If knew a word, you will see a new photo as reward.
(We have also thought of something for you even if you answer incorrectly...)
When you see that the course is fun and rewarding, you will be motivated to see it through to the end! 

Motivating tips throughout: 
At regular intervals, you will get tips from our experts on how you can learn even more effectively.
Let us surprise you! 



Obtain a useful and comprehensive basic vocabulary


The most important thing in learning a new language is the vocabulary. 
In this course, you will obtain a useful and comprehensive basic vocabulary.
Building from this, you will quickly be able to form and understand simple sentences. 
You will learn the most important words from the following topics:
Greetings – Polite phrases – Numbers – Learn to count in Chinese – Pronouns – Time – In a hotel – The most important verbs – Fruit – Vegetables – Grocery shopping – Transportation – Traveling by bus, train, airplane – Buying transit tickets – Traveling by car – At the gas station – Book a flight – At the airport – Ask for directions – Sightseeing – Wandering around town – Visiting a museum – Money – At the restaurant and asking for the bill– Reading and understanding a menu – Weather report Regularly used adjectives and their comparative forms – Days, Months, and seasons – Sports – Shopping – Cooking– Organizing trips – Household items – Family – Babysitting – Countries – Crime – Clothing – Fashion – Communication – Telephone conversation – In case of an accident – The human body –Injuries and illnesses – In the pharmacy – Animals – School and university – Entertainment – Making new friends – An evening at the cinema – Writing a letter – Ordering online – Handicraft And much more 
With this course, you will learn over 1,300 Chinese words.


Versatile dialogs and useful phrases:


All vocabulary and dialog have been recorded by a Chinese native speaker
From the very beginning, you will learn clear, accent free pronunciation and correct emphasis. 
The texts and phrases were developed through the cooperation of a linguist and a Chinese native speaker.
In this course, you will learn how Chinese is really spoken in China. 

Content of texts and dialogs:

You will accompany the two main characters of the language course on their holidays and in their day-to-day lives at home in 42 different dialogs. 
Together with them, you will encounter important situations that could happen on your holidays our at home with your partner.
In the many dialogs provided, you will practice sentences that you can really use.
When you work with the dialogs provided in this course, you will improve your conversation skills day by day. 

  • Our two main characters get to know each other during their vacation.
    They introduce themselves and tell each other where they come from.
    Surprisingly, they discover that they both come from the same country and, in fact, from the same city.
  • They decide to do something together.
    As they are staying in the same hotel, they agree to have a meal together.
    You learn which words are needed at breakfast and how to read a menu at dinner.
  • You can, of course, do a lot more on holiday together than just share a meal:
    city tour and an enjoyable day in the downtown make for a wonderful holiday experience.
    If you happen to lose your way in the city, you can simply ask someone for directions.
    You can find time to relax in a little café with a nice cup of tea.
  • Not an easy task:
    The two main characters buy train tickets in Chinese.
  • How should the trip continue?
    Good thing the weather forecast comes on the radio.
    It helps you to decide what to do next in your travel plans.
  • You learn vocabulary that helps you to easily solve this situation:
    Reserve a hotel room and order breakfast for the next few days.
The two main characters can get together once in a while now that are back from their vacation and at home once again.
  • But before one can invite his travel friend to dinner, one has to refill the fridge at home.
    You accompany the main character to the supermarket and help find everything on the long shopping list.
  • They get to know each other better on a weekend trip.
  • An evening together at the movies:
    What a fantastic film.
  • Accompany the two main characters downtown.
    Help make the right decision when buying new clothes.
  • Both characters are invited to a friend's birthday party.
    They had to stop on the way to the party:
    There is an accident...
  • A visiting the gym keeps you healthy. 
    But which of the many training methods would you like to choose? 
    The decision is difficult...
In this language course, you will find many fantastic, fun and interesting dialogs.
You learn how to build simple and clear sentences in the foreign language. 
All of the text was recorded for you by a native speaker.
From the beginning, you learn an authentically and currently spoken language.
You will get a very good feel for the sound and pronunciation of the foreign language through this course's recordings. 
The dialog texts can be read, printed out or listened to with a click of the mouse in English or in Chinese. 
In addition, we offer you multiple learning possibilities along with the texts: 

  • You learn with exciting fill-in-the-blanks exercises:
    With these tests, you can expand your vocabulary and practice your grammar.
  • All texts are spoken by a native speaker.
    You can hear, read and repeat aloud all of the course's texts and vocabulary.
  • You learn how to write correctly:
    You can also use course's dialogs as dictation.
    With this language course you will learn to write Chinese error free.
  • Would you prefer to learn without a computer?
    You can print out all of this language course's texts.
  • All 42 texts have been recorded by a Chinese native speaker.
    You can listen to and repeat each line of text as often as you'd like. 
    This is how you learn clear and accent free pronunciation from the very beginning.


Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about ordering the Chinese language course:


  • How does the ordering process work? 
    Fill out the online order form .
    Pay online after completion.
    Then you receive your access information immediately and can start learning

Questions about language course software:


  • Which operating systems does this software work on? 
    This is an online course.
    The software runs on Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), on Mac OS X and on Linux, on the iPad, on Android Tablets and on Windows Tablets. 
    System Requirements: 
    • Internet connection 
    • Minimum of 512 MB RAM, 400 MHz 
    • Optional: sound card and speakers for audio output 
  • Do I need to know anything before hand or do I have to install something additionally? 
    No, you can start immediately. 

Questions about the Chinese language course


  • I am a total beginner.
    Is this language course right for me? 

    Yes, even without previous learning experience you can learn this new language quickly and effectively.
    The language course automatically tailors itself to your personal learning pace.
  • What progress will I make with this language course? 
    If you learn regularly, you will make progress very quickly.
    Ideally, schedule a certain amount of time daily for learning, 17 minutes for example.
    This is considerably more effective than simply learning 2 or 3 hours only once per week.
  •  Can I improve my pronunciation with this language course? 
  • You listen to every word and every line of text at your leisure and repeat them afterwards.
    That way you can quickly learn clear and accurate pronunciation 
  • Which level of the European Common Reference Framework for Languages will I reach with 17 Minute Languages? 
    With the Chinese Beginner's Course, you will reach A1+A2 level of the European Common Reference Framework for Languages: 
    With this beginner's course, you will ready yourself for everyday communication and conversation. 
    Through the acquisition of the beginner's vocabulary, you will have no problem understanding clearly structured sentences. You will be able to communicate orally and in writing with simple sentences. 
    With the Chinese Intermediate Course, you will reach B1+B2 level of the European Common Reference Framework for Languages: 
    With the vocabulary of the Chinese intermediate language course, you will be ready for challenging interaction in Chinese.
    After working with this course, you will be able to understand and use complex sentences. 
    Thanks to the advanced language course you will be able to easily understand spoken and written Chinese. 
    As a result, you will possess a relatively high speech comprehension:
    You will, for example, be able to watch television in Chinese. 
    With the Chinese Proficiency Language Course, you will reach C1 + C2 level of the European Common Reference Framework for Languages: 
    After you have worked with the Chinese Proficiency Language Course, you will be able to effortlessly understand everything you read and hear. 
    You will be able to summarize information from both written and oral sources.
    You will be able to present statements and explanations comprehensively and coherently. 
    You will be able to express yourself very fluently and precisely.
    In addition, you will not only be able to understand finely nuanced meanings related to complex issues but also make them. 
    With the Chinese Business Course you will reach C1 + C2 levelof the European Common Reference Framework for Languages: 
    After you have worked with the Chinese Business Course, you will be able to master any situation related to professional workaday life. 
    Explanation of the European Common Reference Framework for Languages: 
    Since 2001, there have been European wide standards that measure the levels of language courses. 
    These standards were created by the Council of Europe so that the language reference levels for language courses can be transnationally cohesive. 
    Our language course were developed in accordance with these standards.


A summary: What is included in the Chinese Beginner's Course?
  • You spend 17 minutes a day using the program.
  • The program provides you with various, motivating daily exercises every day.
  • You will have learned over 1,300 words with our unique long-term memory learning method after just three months.
    You will have acquired a versatile and practical Chinese basic vocabulary.
  • From numerous texts and dialogs, you learn how to use this basic vocabulary.
  • Visit the 17 Minute Languages' online community of learners!
    You can interact with other very motivated learners and even make new friends.
  • This language course is perfect for you:
    Every type of learner can find interesting and motivating exercises in this program.
  • This language course is a lot of fun and motivates you to learn that much more each day!
  • You do not have to install this course. 
    The program is absolutely user friendly and trouble-free to use.
  • Newest version!
    The Chinese Beginner's Course was completely updated in 2014.
  • For Windows / Linux / Mac OS X / iPad / Android Tablets / Windows Tablets.


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